Rexie the Handicat

About me

I am Rexie! I am a handicapped cat with only two working feet. But disability does not mean inability! Because with my set of pink wheels there is nothing I can't do. I'm living my life to the fullest and happiest because even the outdoors can't stop me from wheeling'n'walking. On top of this all I'm a purrfessional meowdel for handmade cat scarfs and inspiration for felted keychains which you can purchase below.

Custom made felted keychains

My mom makes these beautiful felted kitty keychains. They are 9cm/3,5 inches tall + loop. Stuffed. Soft (made out of felt). 100% sewed, no glue used. We are losing our house and trying to raise money by any means we can, so that we have enough money for a downpayment for the new mortage by June. They are 20 USD (except for tabbies/stripped they are 23). Shipping costs are included in the price and I can ship worldwide. Payment via PayPal. If you are interested, please send us an email via our contact form below or contact us via Instagram (@rexiecat).

Hand made kitty apparel

I also have my own line of beautifully hand made scarves, bow ties and bandanas! For all available product please have a look at my Rexieshop Instagram page. If you would like to purchase one. Contact me via Instagram, or email us the link of the photo of the scarf you would like. Worldwide shipping available. Payment via Paypal.

Pics from Instagram